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Above LA

Earlier this week, I released my new timelapse film, Above LA. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone who was watched, liked, and shared it. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out below.



Above LA was produced off and on over the past two years. Whenever I had free time, or whenever the weather looked potentially interesting, I’d drive around, hit the trails, or try and get high-rise access in search of new and interesting views above the city. Once you get above, even slightly, the views and sounds begin to change dramatically. Experiencing this vast and grand city from above lends a new and different appreciation for it. Listening to wildlife in the mountains or hearing nothing but birds and crickets from the top of a high-rise while the city hustles and grinds below makes for a surreal experience.


This piece was definitely a labor of love. It required a lot of research, a lot of patience, and a lot of trial and error. In all, I captured well over 300 clips for consideration in this film. In the end, just over fifty were used. Some shots took only a few minutes to capture while others took over three hours. Some locations were right off the road, others required considerable hikes with lots of gear. The high-rises required significant work but the fleeting hours of access were well worth the effort. With LA’s frequently clear, sunny weather, I had to be ready to drop everything and go whenever the weather looked interesting. All in all, this was a considerable undertaking, but well worth it. Not just for the final output, but for the experience of getting to know and see the city in a new way.


This week has been a crazy week of travel for me, but I continue to be amazed and overwhelmed at all the support, messages, likes, and shares that this film is generating every chance I have to look. Thank you so very much to all of you!


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