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Independence Day in Los Angeles

About 24 hours ago, I posted a short video of the fireworks over Los Angeles on Facebook and Instagram. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone who has checked out the video and liked or shared it!

If you want to see a little more, check out this video featuring more of the fireworks displays I shot above Los Angeles on July 4th:



To answer a few of the most common questions:


– Yes, this is 100% real. Some of these shots are in timelapse and others are real time, but everything you see is completely real and unaltered in any way by me aside from color correction and speed adjustments.


– This was shot in the Angeles National Forest, looking down on all of LA.


– The spotlights behind the skyline are from Staples Center / LA Live. The marine layer stopped just short of the downtown skyline, and the spotlights are visible in the fog. Any other lights in the clouds are the lights of fireworks from central, south and west LA underneath the fog.


Thank you again for checking this out and sharing it!



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