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September Sun

Today, I released the second teaser video for my upcoming project, codenamed “The Los Angeles Project”. This piece is called September Sun and features a selection of sunsets and day to night scenes, all shot in the city of Los Angeles, and all shot in September 2012 (OK, one clip was shot on August 30).



I first came to Los Angeles in September 2010 and immediately noticed the incredible sunsets and clouds that are prevalent at this time of year. Every year since, I’ve been on the look out for these opportunities. This piece features some of my favorites that I shot during September, including a rare rainbow sighting over the city.


So far in 2012, I’ve shot over 125,000 frames of Los Angeles. This exceeds 3 terabytes of data and makes up nearly 1.5 hours of timelapse footage. And I’m nowhere near done. Due to the huge amount of material, a lot of it will not make the final edit, so I’ve decided to release a few of these themed teasers to share some of this footage that would otherwise go unseen. If you missed it, also check out the first teaser video I released last month – After Midnight, a collection of timelapse footage shot one mile above Los Angeles during the early morning hours.


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