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2018 in 8K

As of January 2018, we have adopted an all 8K workflow. All of our new timelapse material is captured in greater than 8K resolution and mastered at 8K and 4K resolutions, providing top of the line image quality for everything from the most demanding applications to incredible clarity when downscaled to HD resolutions.



Check out some of our recent creations, captured in Los Angeles and around California in stunning 8K resolution. This reel is made available in 4K resolution from all 8K material and is best viewed in full screen at 4K resolution. For samples in full 8K resolution, please contact us.


Creating with these new camera systems is a dream come true. Not only has our capture resolution increased, but we’ve also seen significant increases in dynamic range and overall speed. This allows us to capture much more demanding scenes with large shifts between light and dark elements, and lets us choose the best speed for the scene without running into technical limitations. Some scenes in this reel were captured at up to 5fps.


This new 8K workflow will result in a step up in the already high quality we bring to our client work and stock collection, but I’m most excited about how it will impact a handful of passion projects that I’ll be releasing this year. Stay tuned for some amazing things!



All clips featured in this reel are available for licensing. Please contact me for more info about licensing or assignments using this system.


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