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chrispzero, headed by Chris Pritchard, is a Los Angeles based boutique production company specializing in high resolution timelapse, aerials, and high quality visuals. We create custom content for the commercial, corporate, television, and film worlds, as well as offering an extensive library of stock content covering a variety of locations and concepts. Our content is trusted by companies such as Apple, Nike, Ford, Panasonic, FOX, Warner Bros., and HBO, among many others.


From high resolution to high dynamic range to high elevation, we specialize in creating the highest quality material. We use a wide variety of equipment to perfectly capture the exact feel, speed and emotion that fits your project.


We have captured thousands of clips and millions of frames and can apply this expertise and knowledge to your project. With over 8 years of experience, we can handle all aspects of your shoot, or can fit seamlessly into your existing production. No project is too large or small.


With over 600 shoot locations spanning five continents, we have experience in a variety of environments. We are at home in the city or the natural world and have substantial experience working in both. No location is too distant.


Timelapse specialties include day to night, day to stars (“holy grail”), night sky, motion control, hyperlapse, and long-term. We acquire in RAW at 5K, 8K or 12K resolutions and can deliver in HD, 4K and beyond. We also specialize in other high quality material such as aerials (heli and UAV), high speed, and live action - all acquired in 4K+


We have a large library of footage and photos available for license from a wide variety of locations and vantage points. Available in HD, 4K, 8K, and 12K resolutions. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


A passion for travel and experiencing the moving world around us keeps us always moving, always watching, always documenting. We live to showcase the way our world moves, from human elements such as logistics, architecture, and transportation to weather, the universe, and seasonal change in the natural world.

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Extensive experience across a variety of subject matter in a variety of locations gives us the expertise to help make your project shine. Whether simple or complex, we have the knowledge to deliver top notch results.


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